kajol reveals the secret about relationship with Ajay

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The secret about the relationship with Ajay

In the promotion of a movie whose name is Tanaji. Kajol told about some bad conditions that she fought. She told in an interview that she met Ajay at the set of film Hulchul. At that time she doesn’t like Ajay in the beginning.

Then she started talking with Ajay and they become good friends. She also said that she used to live in South Bombay and Ajay used to live in Juhu Beach. So, most of the time they spent in Car. She also said that “Then, my friends started teasing me by taking his name. I was at the top of the Film Industry at that time and nobody wanted that I go into a relationship with him. But he was a very good person in front of me. Then we started dating and after four years we decided to marry. Ajay’s family was in support of us but my father did not agree with this and he didn’t talk to me for four days. Because my father wants me to focus on my career. But I was in love with Ajay and I wanted to spend my full life with Ajay.”


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