Varun Dhawan Wants To marry Shraddha Kapoor

Varun Dhavan and Sharaddha Kapoor together
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Varun Dhawan & Shraddha Kapoor

In the last days, he misses that time that Varun Dhawan had spent with Shraddha Kapoor. He will be seen by us in the movie ‘Street Dancer’ with Shraddha. They both are busy with this film promotion and he said that his school life is very interesting. He also said that his relationship with Shraddha was not good. We both love each other but we did not tell anything to each other.

At that age, the boys do not like girls because they were so young. I love Shraddha so much but I never tell anything to her. We never came to any relationship in school life. At this line, Shraddha also said that she also likes Varun but at that time she doesn’t know about love.

Varun Dhawan is going to marry her girlfriend, whose name is Natasha. But in his school, he was in love with Shraddha Kapoor and he said it many times.

Varun Dhavan with Girlfriend Natasha

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