Those 5 ‘Special’ movies of Sunny Leone before the entry in Bollywood

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5 ‘special’ movies of Sunny Leone before the entry in Bollywood

Sunny Leone is one of the most searched Indian celebrities on the Internet. The former porn star has managed to make a mark in Bollywood. Although Sunny has failed to draw crowds at the box office.
Sunny Leone’s image has been created in addition to a sensuous star as an artist who worked patiently despite many attacks from all four sides. There have been many talks about his porn star. It has always been ignored that Sunny Leone has been a part of many films that were not porn even before the beginning of her career in Bollywood films. Let us know of five such films of Sunny which she did before coming to Bollywood and which were not porn …

1) Mega Scorpion

Sunny Leone’s character was named Scorching Tub Hussey in this 2003 film Syafai Hollywood. The film was not porn but it also had quite open scenes of Sunny. She is killed in the film by Large CGI Scorpion. Sunny’s name comes down significantly in the film’s star cast. Playing the lead character in films like Ragini MMS and Ek Paheli Leela from this film tells the story of Sunny becoming a big star.

2) Pirates Blood

The Indo-American team came together for this film. It was an unsuccessful attempt to make a horror film. Sunny Leone had the lead role with Nishant Sagar, well known Malayalam actor. In this film too, Sunny had a lot of opportunities to perform and performed a special bath in the sea.

3) The Virginity Hit

Adam Mckay and Caine Farrell produced the documentary (film on the fictional character as a documentary). Some friends decide together how they want to end their friend’s virginity. Friends on this mission meet many different types of people and during this time they also meet Sunny Leone who is in her own role.

Sunny Leone 5 Secret Movie before the entry in bollywood

4) The Girl Next Door

The 2004 film is the story of a stupid boy who falls in love with a woman living nearby. He later learns that this woman is a porn star. Sunny was a part of the film in the role of this porn star woman.

5) Livin It Up

Ja Rule’s Live It Up featured Sunny as the leading glamorous woman (a woman whose major work was a performance and who appears around the singer). In this film, Sunny had to impress the audience with her fitness and moves. There was no acting work in this film and Sunny did the work in which she is proficient.



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