These 2 heroines wanted to marry Ajay Devgan!

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Ajay Devgan

Ajay Devgan and Kajol were working in some films like Halchal, Gundaraj. Kajol was a girl who spoke a lot, Ajay Devgan was a silent person. The mood of the two was different from each other and this became the center of attraction. The two became friends and did not know when they started wanting each other. One day, Ajay and Kajol decided to get married and did it.

When Ajay and Kajol got married, a lot was written about this marriage in the media. Kajol was a girl with Azad Khayal, while Ajay’s family was traditional. It was said that this is a mismatch and this marriage will not last long, but it did not happen. The two married in 1999 and it still rests. Ajay’s name was associated with some of Kajol’s first heroines.

She was madly in love with Ajay…

After the success of Phool Aur Kaante, Ajay Devgan was offered several films and mostly Karisma Kapoor. Movies such as Jigar (1992), Dhanwan (1993), Sangram (1993), Shaktimaan (1993) and Suhag (1994) were screened in very short intervals. Ajay’s heroine was among them. Most of the time was spent on the set. Karisma is said to have been attracted to Ajay. The news of romance spread rapidly in both. A joke became popular that if Ajay and Karishma get married then their children will be like zebras because Karishma is much fairer than Ajay.

Ajay-Karisma separated due to this heroine …

While Ajay was doing most of the films with Karishma, he was also doing films like Ekta Rasta (1993), Divya Shakti (1993), Dilwale (1994) with Raveena Tandon. News of Raveena and Ajay’s romance also started coming, which hurt Karishma. There was a rift between Raveena and Karisma about Ajay. It was said about Ajay that he is romancing both the heroines at the same time. However, the news of Ajay’s romance with Raveena also gradually cooled down. In 1999, Ajay married Kajol. Later his name was linked to Kangana Ranaut, which was just a rumor.

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