Sunny Deol’s stubbornness drowns Karan Deol

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Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol may have done a film called ‘Stubborn’, but those who know him closely say that he is not stubborn at all, but despite not wanting to be in love with his son, Sunny insisted that he started his career. Screwed up badly Even Sunny himself would not know that he had gone the wrong way in such stubbornness.

There is a lot of curiosity in the audience about Star Sons, especially if the son of a big star is stepping into films. When Sunny stepped into films, there was an eagerness to see Dharmendra’s son in the audience and this eagerness was well received by Dharmendra and made Sunny a star.

Dharmendra wrote the film with star writers like Javed Akhtar. The emerging director like Rahul Rawal was entrusted with the film. The legendary composer like RD Burman got sweet songs composed and ‘Betab’ was a super hit. After this, Sunny did not look back.

If the first film goes, then the work becomes very easy. If the first film flopped, it becomes very difficult. It is believed that the audience did not accept Star Sun.

Sunny insisted on Karan’s case that he would direct ‘Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas’. Sunny did not shoot any arrows as a director. Years ago, he made a film called ‘Dillagi’ starring Sunny, Bobby and Urmila. The film did not do much business.

After this, Sunny made ‘Ghayal Once Again’ which was a flop. Even after this, Sunny did not recover and took care of the direction of Karan’s first film.

Actually, Sunny had no faith in any other producer-director. Some producers and directors wanted to launch Karan, but Sunny did not show interest.

Karan Deol

Sunny felt that no one would be able to launch Karan as they thought. He became a victim of over-confidence or he knew Karan’s shortcomings. He realized that Karan had not made any complete preparations before venturing into the acting world. So his weaknesses are not exposed, so he became a director himself.

The kind of story Sunny has chosen for each moment of the heart is clichéd. Sunny is from the film industry, but she does not know that the audience has rejected such stories years ago.

There was nothing in the heart of every moment that deserves praise. All the blame for failure falls on Sunny as he is the director. Karan is new. He followed what he was told.

Sunny’s stubbornness has overshadowed Karan, which will take him some time to recover.

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